Monday, March 9, 2009

The town to tough to die.
Teddy Blotsville (mayor)

There is 1 school, one college with about 600 kids and 3,000 student’s in the college. ITBS stands for Iowa test Basic Skills. ITBS is a test to see how well you’re doing in school for K-12. We take our tests about in March.
We have elevators for people in need that can’t get up stairs, and also have stairs for the people that are fine for exercise. Our school has a break so the kids don’t get to hungry just in case they didn’t have breakfast. Blotsville’s Elementary, middle, and High school has a sports program that has football (flag and tackle) , basketball, wrestling, rugby, cross country, track, and soccer. Our classes all have fire exits to get outside.
Our college has letters sent out to the best athletes to come to our college.
All our fans come to support our teams when we are playing. Our school is ranked first every year for all the sports.

Our town (Blotsville) has a go-cart track which is where the championships are held. Blotsville has a club called Billy Bob’s bar and grill, and a zoo that all the children love to go to, because they get to see any animal they want to. They also go for the entertainment like, alligator wrestling, getting to ride elephants, ect. We have three major lakes called Lake Shandon, Lake Boris, and Lake Tetion. Right next to the go-cart track is a giant swimming pool. We also have a hospital and a Fire Dept.

Blotsville has a mall twice the size of the Mall of America. It is located on Lala Ave. and at the east side of Blotsville. The mall is special, because its so big that people from all over the world come to Blotsville just to shop at the mall. We also have a restaurant called Cheese Fries, but it doesn’t have very good service. Blotsville has all those places but doesn’t have a general store.


Our transportation is we have buses for the people in wheel chairs. Bikes and cars for people that are fine. We also have trolleys just for joy rides. There is a airport on the west side of Blotsville.
The whole town of Blotsville donated over 10,000 dollars for the Lions Club. Blotsville was falling apart but then we had a concert for the poor, the sick, and the people that aren’t getting enough money.
We made a new product called The Nerfinater it fixes your hair that has been damaged for 10 years, and it makes the hair silky and smooth.

One way we are helping our city problems is donating to the government to give to the places that need repair and better service.

Our Hospital and Fire Department are the best in the world, Because if someone has a 90% chance to die, they won’t die because our hospital workers are so fast. Our Fire Department is the best because, of our speed and because we put the fires out quickly. Blotsville has a swat team in case of a disaster. We have not had any chemical spills yet, but we are always ready just in case it happens. About 1/8 of Blotsville people have a sickness like cancer or asthma etc.

We have Jobs like being a hospital worker, Fire fighter, Bartender, and a carpenter. We also have jobs to be a teacher. Blotsville’s main employees are Rodger Nixon, Johnny Moxen, Lance Harbor, Billy Bob, Windal Brown, and Charlie Tweeder. The employee of the month is Zach Nash. One of our companies that make life grand for it’s employees is Life With Steve Palmer

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